Karen Hill Long Neck Hilltribe-Padaung

A woman from Karen Long Neck Hilltribe – Padaung. The Padaung are a sub-group of Karen living in Kayah state of eastern Burma on the Thailand border. They number less than 40,000 people in total. In Thailand, only a tiny population composed of a few families of Padaung have settled temporarily as refugees in Chiang Mai Province. When visiting their village and taking photographs of them, it is important to engage in a conversation with the local people first, so they don’t feel like in a human zoo, as many tourists just snap pictures and go.people-of-karen-long-neck-hilltribe

7 thoughts on “Karen Hill Long Neck Hilltribe-Padaung

  1. n4nomad

    Thank you Vicky 🙂

  2. A really great shot! Brings back memories… I went to the Thai Karen village too and in the dispensary the nurse sat me down to try on a 1/2 version of the neck decoration (ties at the back). I couldn’t imagine living with it,in the heat and humidity, sweat just poured down under the rings,the insects and the inability to tip your head down to see. It put their tradition into perspective for me especially as their weaving and farm work require mobility of the upper body.

  3. n4nomad

    Thank you Penne 🙂

  4. Juse how long is her neck? Looks very long.

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