Streets of La Habana

Streets of La Habana

I took this photograph wandering around the streets of Havana back in May 2009, trying to discover day to day life of La Habana people. Slow motion organised chaos is adding another level of experience into a perfect setting for chilled urban holidays. Smoke of cigars, underground jazz bars and scent of rum are the stalking particles almost everywhere you move in this colourful capital of the largest Caribbean island, Cuba. Picturesque ruins and endless number of old Cadillacs and Fords effortlessly cruising roads of this time forgotten city are just a fraction of what to expect upon arriving in capital. La Habana is saturated with rich culture and even more with its influential music as Jazz, Rumba and Salsa are the main domain of Cubans.

Olympus E-510, f/7.1; 1/320 s; ISO 100, 44 mm

6 thoughts on “Streets of La Habana

  1. Hi Lexklein. Thanks for reading my post. I only stayed in Havana, but I was there independently for the whole duration of my trip. You can find accommodation in casa particulars, which are sort of “Cuban AirBnBs” controlled by the state, where you can stay in private apartments or houses. I would suggest avoiding state owned hotels or resorts as they don’t have a great reputation. Commuting in Cuba or specially around Havana is easy. One way to travel is with a bus or and taking a ride on Coco taxis, which are very common in Havana. Another way of getting around the city is on foot. Walking is probably the best way, as you get to see life of ordinary La Habana people from all angles. There is so much to explore and you can easily plan your trip without a travel agent.

  2. I’m trying to plan a trip to Cuba right now, but it’s tough to do independently.

  3. Thank you, Gilles. Indeed, that place has its own unique character and I cannot agree more with you on the fact, that changes are inevitable and then Cuba might not the same anymore. I will soon be posting more articles about my experiences in La Habana, back in 2009.

  4. Nice picture. It reminds me my little tour in this city couple years ago. So special, so diversified, old, rebuilt, and decrepitude. feeling of being in 50s. But there is a lot of life there.. and don’t know if it’s going to stay like this very long.

  5. Thank you, Debbie. 🙂 Havana was really a life-time experience. I will be posting more articles and photographs on this subject. I highly recommend visiting Cuba when you get a chance.

  6. The black and white photo seems to add to what you call the ‘timelessness’ of old Havana. ”
    “Slow motion organised chaos” indeed! a cool phrase 🙂 One day I might get to Cuba…..

    thanks for the blog follow also, Jozef!

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