Tree connection

Tree connection

Tree connectionGraceful

Every time I wander in High Tatras National Park in Slovakia, I find myself astonished by secrets of the nature. I believe that trees keep many secrets and many of them are surviving with a heavy resilience to weather or human impact on the environment. They whisper their messages into our ears every time we pass by. The trees are telling us when they are happy, or when they cry. The trees are Earth’s lungs. They also protect us from burning sun, when we seek for shade in hot summers. Sometimes nature’s powers destroy the local environment and more than a decade and half ago a brutal windstorm that caused large scale carnage to National Park’s forests and many trees were wiped out. With an input of humans and extensive clean up operation, as well as re-planting new trees, High Tatras National Park is showing hope for revitalising and bringing life back. Perhaps, it might take few more decades for many new trees to grow to their full size, but nevertheless it will happen and the generations after us may embrace and protect what might be a very precious national treasure.

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