Tree survivors


On Friday 19th November 2004 a massive windstorm swept through the area of High Tatras National Park, Slovakia. It has been reported that the natural phenomenon lasting only between 3 to 8 minutes has reached 165km/h in some places and managed to destroy as much as 13 000 hectares of the forest.

Many say that it will take many decades to repair and restore damaged forest to its original state.

Olympus E-510 f/16 14mm 1/640s ISO 800


11 thoughts on “Tree survivors

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  2. Look forward to your next entry… Check mine out when you are able

  3. Dont be humbled its an incredible shot and perfect for that theme

  4. Thank you very much A Wandering Memory 🙂 I feel humbled by your comment.

  5. Thats an AMAZING shot… Really really great capture and theres nothing else in site… Perfect – loved it

  6. Thank you for your comment Karen / Elizabeth 🙂

  7. A shame about the devastation, but that’s a great photo.

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