WPC: Venice at night

WPC: Venice at night

Venice at night
Streets of Venice at night, Italy 2015

I have been previously blogging about Venice.

I love that little magical place. It might be true that it is very touristy and busy and it might feel stuffed during high season, however if you choose to travel there in December, you can avoid zillions of tourists and endless queues to snap a great picture. During that time, streets are quiet with only handful of adventurous tourists and you get to feel the crispiness of the local surroundings.

My divine obsession is taking photographs at night. There is something about the night landscapes. Polite emptiness of the narrow streets, and the ambience of lights shooting through small windows of Venetian residents might uncover hidden secrets of what normally would look just too ordinary.

In this case, I tried to portray a beauty of almost symbiotic harmony among the water, light, and architecture, where humans learned how to live on water in very unusual urban conditions.

Good night Venice!

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